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Alice Nine – Kehren als A9 mit neuem Song "Phoenix" zurück
Seit Alice Nine im August ihr Record-Label PS Company verließen, hörte man kaum etwas mehr von der 5-Mann Band. Doch dies hat nun ein Ende. Alice

Formerly "Alice Nine" Has Finalized their New Name!
Although they had announced AliceNine would be their name after the first comeback live, they have officially announce today using A9 from now on.

Japanese Music,Rp,Anime,And More!!! - Alice Nine: Bio Showing 1-5 of...
5 discussion posts. DollisMarry~ said: Name:ShouRl Name:Kohara KazumasaOther names:NonePart:VocalsBrithday:July 5th,1981Bloodtype: OHeight:177cm(5'...
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