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Google News: Music, Nostalgia, and Force: Grand Theft Auto and Sensory Immersion

[PopMatters] - Nostalgia immediately gripped me when I first booted up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (my first experience with a Rockstar game).

Guardian: Self-Control by Stig Saeterbakken – review | Fiction | The Guardian

This strange, troubling Norwegian novel is compelling as much for what it holds back as what it reveals, writes Mark O'Connell

Why San Andreas felt "wrong", to me - Page 2 - Grand Theft Auto...
Dont forget Victor Vance. He talks about how he doesnt want to sell drugs and how it just causes trouble yet he still does it anyway. Vic and Niko are similar...

Why San Andreas felt "wrong", to me - Page 3 - Grand Theft Auto › ... › Grand Theft Auto Series
Flesh-n-Bone said: Sachs said: That. Remember that betrayal is the deadliest weapon. Yeah, other than Tommy and Diaz, I ...
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