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Heavily armed men seen firing at elephants in African heritage site -...
Forest elephants in the Central African Republic have become a new target for poaching gangs, the World Wildlife Fund reported.

The 'gorilla whisperer' and her flight from rebel forces › wildlife › T...
It was a message from Dr Anna Feistner, from WWF – Todd's boss, also based in Bayanga. It read, “We are evacuating. The boat leaves at 4pm.

Elephant Poachers Open Fire at World Heritage Site, Death Toll...
Armed with Kalashnikov rifles, a gang of poachers entered what is known as the

Poachers Kill 26 African Elephants At World Heritage Site › articles
Dr. Anna Feistner from WWF who has been based in the area for the past three years told BBC she believed the poachers were Sudanese who ...
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