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Heavily armed men seen firing at elephants in African heritage site -...
Forest elephants in the Central African Republic have become a new target for poaching gangs, the World Wildlife Fund reported.

Fears of forest elephant slaughter in Central Africa - BBC News
· "We know that there was a lot of Kalashnikov fire over the last couple of days, and into the night," said Dr Anna Feistner, of WWF, ...

The 'gorilla whisperer' and her flight from rebel forces
With less than an hour’s notice, Angelique Todd was forced to leave the gorillas she’d befriended and the Africa she loved. We tell her amazing story

Haus Schulenburg startet in Gera mit neuen Projekten - › regionen › altenburg › haus-schulenburg-startet-in-gera-mit-...
· Foto: Anna Laura Feistner. Foto: zgt Gera Bilder von internationalen Bauhausbauten und aus Edelstahl geklöppelter Schmuck werden ...
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