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( Ich bin Bashar Al-Assad)
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Twitter Profil: Bashar Al-Assad (forbashar)

Ort: Facebook Group ForBashar / We encourage you to add Facebook group ForBashar and support your president in Syria. #syria #al-assad

Twitter Profil: Bashar Al-Assad (notbasharassad)

Ort: Between a Rock and Homs / Studied optometry but my dad got me in to the family business. President of Syria! Keeping @NotMaherAssad on a leash. Married to @NotAsmaAssad (PARODY)

Twitter Profil: Bashar al-Assad (basharbutcher)

Ort: Wouldn't you like to know? / President of the Syrian Arab Republic. Fighting the bogeymen from Al-CIAda. Known disparagingly to friends as 'Incompetent Giraffe-neck'. Prefer 'Mr President'.