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French artist Benedetto Bufalino turns cars into hot tubs & pingpong...
A artist with a penchant for turning cars and phone boxes into extraordinary pieces of modern art has now transformed a humble Renault into a ping pong table.

Artist Benedetto Bufalino Turns Cars into Things and Things into › artist-benedetto-bufalino-turns-...
· However, French artist Benedetto Bufalino has been creating some interesting contraptions that sparked my memories of that pink hot tub limo.

Benedetto Bufalino's Urban Interventions - Juxtapoz › news › installation › benedetto...
· French artist Benedetto Bufalino's humorous urban interventions are part public art and part performance. He turns phone booths into ...

Artist Turns Junk Car into a Jacuzzi
A French artist has turned an old car into a Jacuzzi and it looks like a great way to repurpose an old vehicle. Photo Credit: Benedetto Bufalino.
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