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Blue Bird mit komplettem Line Up
[relevant] - In einer Aussendung stellt die Vienna Songwriting Association nun das komplette Line Up der Blue Bird vor, das diesmal ein breites stilistisches Spektrum abdeckt. Arthouse-Pop, Folktronica und Singer-Songwritertum bieten die zahlreichen Acts. Die

A Family Affair
[Wall Street Journal] - Ever since, the dueling commitments of band, business and family have marked the development of this acclaimed roots music group, especially during the long gestation of its new album, "Neon Blue Bird." When recording began four years ago

Twitpic founder says Heello to Twitter clone
[CNET (blog)] - Still, Everett claims the launch date has more to do with a certain anniversary than a jab at the blue bird. "We launched Heello the company one year ago today and today we're launching Heello the service," he pinged to his Heello listeners earlier

Carmarthenshire, Wales: the perfect break
[] - Nearby are the great flat sands of Pendine, where Amy Johnson took off to fly non-stop to America and Malcolm Campbell broke several land speed records in Blue Bird. For relaxing and sunbathing, my favourite beach is below the pretty Victorian resort
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