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Bob and Sallie's Story - The Soldiers' › Stories
For the first time, Bob felt a surge of hope: “I thought to myself: 'Stop being a wuss. Terry did four years as a hostage.'” Back in the UK, Sallie had ...

An Apple Watch anniversary gift and the future it helped change -...
Bob March is one of the many Apple Watch users who have been alerted to a potential heart condition through their device.

Bob Henson goes underground | NCAR & UCAR News
· From the moment he arrived, Bob felt at home. “I've loved writing about the organization—the research, the people, the interesting life ...

Home Is Where Friends Select Is: Bob Fultz '66 | › post › select-news-magazine
· But, for someone who doesn't consider himself as having a “hometown,” Bob felt as if he had found home in Friends Select School when he ...
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