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Video & Audio David Petraeus

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BlinkX Video: Petraeus: Vom Kommandeur zum CIA-Chef

quelle ARD Morgenmagazin 20.7.2011 David Petraeus war in der Vergangenheit immer dann zur Stelle, wenn es für den Präsidenten brisant wurde. Der Oberbefehlshaber der... - 20.07.2011, YouTube

BlinkX Video: Gen. David Petraeus makes case for more time

In his first interview since taking command in Afghanistan, Gen. Petraeus acknowledged the challenges that lay ahead. NBC's David Gregory reports. (Nightly News) Afghanistan -... - 13.08.2010, MSNBC

YouTube - CUNY Students Confront War Criminal David Petraeus
Du verwendest einen veralteten Browser, der von YouTube nicht mehr unterstützt wird. Da einige Funktionen auf YouTube möglicherweise nicht verwendet ...

David Petraeus - Clip by
► 0:32► 0:32Video - David Petraeus. These videos may be of interest to you: United States Army George Marshall ...

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: Progress ‘just began this spring’

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s David Gregory on Meet the Press, Gen. David Petraeus discusses what progress has been made in Afghanistan and the importance of regaining... - 15.08.2010, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: Petraeus Voices Frustration

Katie Couric speaks with Gen. David Petraeus following two days of congressional hearings on Iraq which resulted in President Bush's announcing a stop to all U.S. troop... - 11.04.2008, Submission

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: 'Fundamental Change' Made in Iraq

In a second day of testimony before Congress, the top U.S. commander in Iraq says there has been a fundamental change on the ground in Iraq. Gen. David Petraeus attributes that to... - 11.09.2007, RedNova

Conversation with David Petraeus and CBS News' Bob Schieffer - YouTube
From the tenth Aspen Ideas Festival, find out more at Featuring: Hari Kondabolu Gwen Ifill Jeffrey Goldberg Hillary Rodham Clinton Michele...

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: US to go beyond buildup

General David Petraeus, the head of US Central Command, says it will take more than a troop buildup to win the peace in Afghanistan. - 25.04.2009, PyroTV

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: Open to Taliban talks

US General David Petraeus said negotiations with some members of the Taliban could provide a way to reduce violence in Afghanistan. - 09.10.2008, FairfaxDigital

David Petraeus Scandal: Truth Behind Resignation, Paula Broadwell -...
David Kerley, Reena Ninan investigate CIA chief's relationship with biographer.

BlinkX Video: Petraeus Addresses Atlanta Press Club

Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. Army's commander in charge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is scheduled to address the Atlanta Press Club. - 19.01.2010, StarPulse

BlinkX Video: Video: Petraeus: 'An out-of-body experience'

Sept. 12: Gen. David Petraeus tells Brian Williams how he handled the intense political and media attention focused on him. Watch more of the interview on tonight's NBC Nightly... - 12.09.2007, WebVideo4

BlinkX Video: Clinton Questions Crocker, Petraeus

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) asks Ambassador Ryan Crocker about the future of U.S. operations in Iraq. Clinton also asks General David Petraeus what the conditions need to be to... - 08.04.2008, WashingtonPost

Mikrowellenwaffen: Wie die "guten Jungs" unliebsame Bürger aus dem...
Reupload von antecerebri1 Heute werden unliebsame Personen durch gezielte Mikrowellenbestrahlung aus dem Weg geräumt. Der perfekte Mord, da die Opfer meist a...

AOL Germany - Video - David Petraeus Has Cameo in Call of Duty: Black...
Video - Petraeus was not involved with the game's production, and the company says it's a coincidence he appears just days after his resignation.

BlinkX Video: Jun 16: Petraeus briefly collapses at hearing

US General David Petraeus briefly collapsed at a Capitol Hill hearing, most likely from dehydration, before regaining his composure. - 16.06.2010, FT

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: war at critical stage

U.S. General David Petraeus said the Afghan war is at a critical stage, as he took command of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan. - 04.07.2010, YahooFinance

BlinkX Video: Jon Stewart - Iraq me David Petraeus

The Daily Show 20070911 - 13.09.2007, BubblareSE

BlinkX Video: Senate confirms Petraeus

The Senate confirms General David Petraeus as the new commander in Afghanistan. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports. (Other) David Petraeus - Afghanistan - United States - Jim... - 30.06.2010, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: Petraeus: Surge Is Working

Katie Couric reports from Fallujah, a city that was once the scene of massive fighting for U.S. soldiers. Gen. David Petraeus is attributing Fallujah's turnaround to surge of... - 12.02.2008, Submission

BlinkX Video: Petraeus Calls on Iraqis to Reject Violence

The top US commander in Iraq is asking the Iraqi people to support a united government and stop sectarian violence; General David Petraeus' message to Iraqis came as the country... - 20.05.2007, RedNova

BlinkX Video: Hardball: General Petraeus Doesn’t Know If The Mission In...

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker appeared in front of the Senate Armed Services committee to give testimony today on the U.S. mission in Iraq and President... - 13.09.2007, PyroTV

BlinkX Video: Petraeus Sees Progress In Iraq

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. officer in Iraq is hopeful about Iraq's future, but the outcome of the troop surge is far from certain. David Martin reports. - 28.04.2007, webvideo

BlinkX Video: General Petraeus takes formal command in Afghanistan

General David Petraeus assured NATO and Afghan officials that they will not give up amid rising casualties and growing criticism - 04.07.2010, NECN

BlinkX Video: Petraeus Questioning: Senate Hearing Or Campaign Stop?

The three presidential candidates were among U.S. Senators who today grilled General David Petraeus about progress in Iraq. But does Iraq still matter as an election... - 09.04.2008, StarPulse

BlinkX Video: We are in this to win: Petraeus

US General David Petraeus has formally assumed command of the 130,000-strong international force in Afghanistan. - 05.07.2010, FairfaxDigital

BlinkX Video: Preview: Interview with Gen. David Petraeus

Katie Couric asked Gen. David Petraeus if the U.S. would be willing to play a role in the process of negotiating with the Taliban in order to end the war in Afghanistan. Their... - 29.08.2010, Veoh

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