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US troops arrive in Turkey
[Deutsche Welle] - That Syrian conflict has intesified of late, with a UN-sponsored study released on Thursday estimating the total death toll at 60,000 and pointing to an upswing in fatalities over the past six months. tm/msh (AFP, AP). Date ; Share Send

Bombing kills at least 20 Shiite pilgrims
[Deutsche Welle] - A medic on the scene said the death toll could well rise, owing to the injuries of the dozens wounded in the attack. Massive security operation. The violence hit despite a massive operation to safeguard the millions of Shiite Muslims travelling to and

Fighting in northern Syria rages on
[Deutsche Welle] - The Observatory also reported fighting around the international civilian airport in Aleppo and the Deir Ezzor military airbase in eastern Syria, as well in the northern outskirts of the capital, Damascus. It put Thursday's death toll at 14, with most

UN report: Death toll in Syria climbs to
[Deutsche Welle] - This is the first estimate from the United Nations since May, when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said the death toll stood at around 10,000. The study also reflected an increase in the monthly death tolls, which had averaged about 1,000 per month in
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