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Clan of the Kohinoor - Fantasy Story - Elfwood

Dirk felt himself coming apart, literally losing the glue that was holding his battered frame together. He felt disconnected, shattered, and shakable. Maybe his ...

p Oct Mirror (Perth, WA : ) - Trove

CAULFIELD CUP: 14 to 1 Pantheist, The Joker, Dirk Felt, Domin- ate and Temple Chief; 16 Primavera. Sun Valley, Phocion, Mating Call ... Article : 86 words ...

By Appointment Only: The Next Morning - Voreplay

Dirk felt his heart stop. His eyes immediately went to the uniform and badge and he felt a cold sweat break. "May I come in?" the police officer asked Dirk.

Alterac Valley (Open RP) - Lore & Roleplaying - Wowhead Forums

The thin orange fingers of day had only just begun to claw themselves over the rim of the valley when Dirk felt a sharp kick connect to his side.
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