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Guardian: Elisabeth Murdoch comes to fore as family argue over phone-hacking crisis

[The Guardian] - It quoted a source saying: "Elisabeth felt the company really needed to show it was sorry if it was to start restoring its integrity." By the end of the week, Murdoch's eldest son Lachlan, once the heir apparent and still a member of the News Corp

Dungeon children are afraid of rustling leaves and colour blue | UK |...

THE CHILD captives of monster Josef Fritzl are afraid of the colour blue, birdsong and rustling leaves.

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch dead at ABC News

Dame Elisabeth felt the advantage of her wealth was the opportunity to do good for causes she felt passionately about, saying: "Wealth can be ...

Elisabeth Felt Archives - Ortenau News

Elisabeth Felt. Unternehmen · Bio-Toiletten für Festivals. von befla 25. August August Service. OrtenauTV · Blitzer & Verkehrsbehinderungen ...
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