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Take a journey to the frozen wastes
[WalesOnline] - The first time, in 2000, was with Conrad Anker and Reinhold Messner, during the making of the Imax movie Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure.

Google News: On the edge of the Antarctic

[] research scientists spent summers not far away at King Edward Point. I'm with Tim and Pauline on a nostalgic visit back to their island aboard a Russian

Now hear this text on the airwaves is never enjoyable :-(
[The Herald (blog)] - The reason for my joy at my temporary deafness was that I could go through at least a few days without somebody reading out fans' texts to me.

Explorer Ernest Shackleton Warmed To A Challenge
[Investor's Business Daily] - "Shackleton was (paradoxically enough) an exceedingly cautious man," Worsley wrote. "When necessary he would undertake the most dangerous things and do so
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