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Greg Davies on flotation tanks, Rik Mayall and ex-girlfriend ...
There are many things I should ask Greg Davies about: Taskmaster, the splendidly silly new game show that he is hosting on Dave; the ...

Inbetweeners star Greg Davies on the pain of losing his father
TV star Greg Davies has told of his painful year after both his father and the man who played his on-screen dad - Rik Mayall - died. The Young ...

Guardian: Greg Davies: 'Rik Mayall was still a force of nature. His ...

Oddly, the strangest thing about Man Down, Greg Davies's Channel 4 sitcom in which he plays a teacher, is not the far-fetched set pieces or the ... Es fehlt: waldhufen

Man Down, series 2 episode 1, review: 'vulgar' - Telegraph
Greg Davies's infantile sitcom is only the poorer after the death of Rik Mayall, says Sarah Carson.
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