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Zu Guzy gibt es bei Yasni 146 unterschiedliche Namen. Die häufigsten Vornamen zu Guzy sind: Thomas, Thorsten

Guzy ist in der Rangreihe der häufigsten Nachnamen bei Yasni auf Platz 2284.

Bedeutung von "Guzy"

The family Guzy Germanized, Gusy, similar to Guzik, Guzek, goes into the main mass of guz Slavonic, Polish guz "bump" back, compare Lithuanian guzas bulge. The importance of Polish guz (pronounced gus) Guzy, plural and adjective form, ranging from "bump, excrescence by shock or impact" over "knots, tubers, nodules, sprouted on trees" to "dwarf, little person." This Polish Guzek "small bump, nodule," Guzik "button", guzikarz "button makers," guzica "rump." May be meant also someone who one identical site comes from, or someone such a designated place lives on. Numerous local and locality names on recycled Slavonic guz. Comparisons about the place names Guzy (Guhse) Guzianka (Guschienen) and Guzki (Guske) in East Prussia, Guzice (Gisitz / Schenk field), Guzek Góra Guzowice (Bright field) in Silesia, Guzew and Guzów in the rest of the country of origin name. Name type: nickname; Abode name., spreading: The spelling Guzy is now quite common in Germany, in Poland especially in Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland.

(Eingesendet von Sascha Guzy)

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