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Molecular machines of the future | Hendrik Dietz | TEDxTUMSalon -...

Hendrik Dietz is one of the leading dna-nanotech guys. His work has brought the time of designing/building dna-nanostructures from months, ...

In the molecular bench vise

The genome molecule contains the blueprint for life. The manner in which the blueprint is packed into the cell determines which genes are active and which are...

livMatS | Virus traps and other molecular machines of the future

Hendrik Dietz (Technische Universität München) | Virus traps and other molecular machines of the future. Abstract Our goal is to build ultra-miniaturized ... › veranstaltung › li...

Measuring forces in the DNA molecule

Hendrik Dietz from the Chair of Experimental Biophysics uses DNA as construction material to create molecular structures. Hence, he is greatly ...