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Zu Humer gibt es bei Yasni 208 unterschiedliche Namen.

Humer ist in der Rangreihe der häufigsten Nachnamen bei Yasni auf Platz 2198.

Bedeutung von "Humer"

Meaning of last name "Humer, Umer, Omer, Umar, Omar, Omero", (oldest arabek and hebrew and greek names). Now Schumer german, Hume English, Humieres French, Humeres and Umeres south america (argentina, chile and peru). And the mayor ancient meaning is LIGHT or LIFE or POWER than has LONG EXISTENT or long way to go. But now each culture has there owne interpretation or meaning. Remember the base or tronk meaning is: LIGHT. Because where there is light there is life where there is life there is power.

(Eingesendet von Mateo)

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