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Uncharted territories - The Boston Globe
And as someone who experienced firsthand the Nakba, the Palestinian ''catastrophe" of 1948, Ismail Shammout, with his canvases of broken people against barren

Guardian: Artists of the Palestinian revolution | Art and design | The Guardian

The artists engaged in the 1970s Palestinian revolution have until now remained silent about their experience. A new exhibition conveys the sense of belonging...

Featured Artist: Ismail Shammout | Kashmir Images Newspaper
· One such artist was Palestinian born Ismail Shammout. Shammout was born in in the Palestinian agricultural town of Lydda. His family was ...

Ismail Shammout Archives - If Americans Knew Blog
An Israeli art historian discovered “war booty films” hidden by the IDF for decades. After a protracted legal struggle, she's made a documentary that depicts a very different history than Israel claims, and shows the work of Palestinian filmmakers forgotten by history… Read the rest of this entry ...
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