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Jing Wang - Trulaske College of BusinessUniversity of Missouri

Jing Wang' s research area is empirical corporate finance. Her recent research explores various issues on corporate debt financing. She has published in top ...

Jing Jing Wang - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

Articles by Jing Jing Wang, The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

Jing Wang, professor of Chinese media and cultural studies, dies...

· Jing Wang, the S.C. Fang Professor of Chinese Languages and Culture, and a longtime member of the MIT faculty in Global Studies and Languages and Comparative Media Studies/Writing, passed away on Sunday in Boston after a heart attack. For decades, Wang was a leading scholar of the intersection of media and activism in China. Following a ...

Hochschule Reutlingen – Reutlingen University: international,...

— ESB-Alumna Jing Wang erhält Auszeichnung für internationale Studierende ... Doppel-Alumna der Hochschule Reutlingen: Preisträgerin Jing Wang ... › aktuelles › aktuell
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