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"P = mc^2" - Physics in Medicine of Cancer Care (7 May 2019)GSI Indico
by Joao Seco (DKFZ & Heidelberg University). Tuesday 7 May 2019, 16:15 → 17:15 Europe/Berlin. Main Lecture Hall (GSI). Main Lecture Hall. GSI. Description.

EFOMP-ECMP Warm-up webinar on Proton and Flash ...EFOMP
— Discussion:Joao Seco & Kristoffer Petersson & Brendan McClean (15 min) ... Professor Joao Seco graduated with a PhD from the University of ...

Express - The University of Liverpool
Stefan Scheloske, Christian Schömers, Simon Jolly and Joao Seco, “Experimental exploration of a mixed helium/carbon beam for online treatment monitoring in ... › livacuk › newsletter

First programme highlights - FRPT FLASH ...
Joao Seco. Professor and Division Head BioMedical Physics in Radiation Oncology German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Germany ... › progr...
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