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Ford: Neuer Finanzvorstand beim Kölner Autobauer - manager magazin
Der Aufsichtsrat der Ford-Werke AG hat heute Bernd Rose zum neuen Finanzvorstand bestellt.

Group 1 CEO says cutting vehicle orders to curb oversupply - Reuters
Group 1 Automotive Inc Chief Executive Officer Earl Hesterberg said on Thursday the auto dealer group will cut orders for new vehicles as it looks to trim...

Bernd Rose neuer Finanzvorstand der Ford-Werke AG
Bernd Rose neuer Finanzvorstand der Ford-Werke AG

Grosse Pointe News Vol. 55, No PDF Free Download
The futurng study comprised seven task forces Fnancial and Economic Vitality, Pubhc FacilitieS and Services, Publc Safety, Leisure and Culture, BeautificatOn and Preserva tlon, Human Services and Com mumty, each of which gave a report and made recommendatons based on tb findngs "We're coastng on pnor gen eratlons' momentum," said John Rickel ...
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