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June Bride (From '7 Brides for 7 Sisters') Lyrics MGM Studio...

June Bride (From '7 Brides for 7 Sisters') Oh, they say when you marry in June, You're a bride all your life. And the bridegroom who marries in June Gets a sw.

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XJIANO Jail Classics VIOLIN MANDOLIN A lesson Competent Master visits pupils F Additional Attractions: "JUNE BRIDE'; Terry Toon Cartoon; Clnesound Review; Universal News. reel. 33 Hours' Solid Picture Entertainment ALLDIS and CO LID i***£d, juju!tlon_. FW _.-¡r^-Nns^-pROMTRAM.

Dreaming June Bride - Only on Your Own Terms — Pointblank Promotions...

Getting married in June, and being called a June Bride, is an imported idea, yet a dream for some Japanese young women. It usually comes ...
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