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Announcing National Keynote Contest

[Hispanically Speaking News] - “Young people know that we are not living in a post-racial society and are frustrated by political discussions that leave race out of the equation,” said Colorlines.com Editorial Director Kai Wright. “We're thrilled to partner with Campus Progress on

Truthout Ranked Fourth in Poll of Influential Progressive Publications

[truthout] - In terms of this survey, ranking the 10 most influential people of color: Cornel West, Melissa Harris-Perry, Juan Gonzalez, Bob Herbert, James Rucker, Patricia Williams, Don Rojas, Rinku Sen, Kai Wright, and Roberto Lovato. Some demographic information

Are 'Birthers' Bad for the Republican Party?

[The Takeaway] - Also with us is Kai Wright, Editor of Colorlines.com. The questions this story did not address, is why Republican do not believe the facts. Not in just this case but in other republican ideologies: tax cuts increase tax revenue, tax cuts create jobs

How to support investigative journalism

[Reuters Blogs (blog)] - Instead, it gives out grants of between $500 and $ to reporters working on important stories like Kai Wright's recent examination of the payday lending industry. As ever, giving anywhere is better than giving nowhere — so if you are impressed by
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