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Texas nonprofit serves churches serving immigrants

We haven't had anybody from Mexico," said Leticia Benavides, who oversees the project operations for Sacred Heart Catholic Church's immigration assistance ... › faith › › te...

Panel Discussion: Family Engagement - GATESOLgatesol.org › widget › event

Leticia Benavides, Parent Liaison at Anna K. Davie Elementary in Rome City. Leticia has been a Parent Liaison at Anna K. Davie Elementary for 2 years.

Church's humanitarian outreach ongoing for immigrants crossing border...

"We have kept our promise," said Sister Leticia Benavides of the Missionaries of Jesus, a counselor and administrative assistant for Catholic ...

TCN | Migrant caravans, climate change, food security – and the...

Sister Leticia Benavides greeted a refugee child from Guatemala in at one of the assistance centers opened by Catholic Charities of the ...
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