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Eindhoven. MU. Fluid Matter. Liquid and Life in Motion - › evento › 343-eindhoven-...
... Ana María Gómez López (US), Mari Ohno (JP), Tarah Rhoda (US). Fluid Matter is curated by Angelique Spaninks (MU) and William Myers (Jury Chairman Bio ...

Electroacoustic Music Festival, Day 1 - GC Music Program › e...
David Taddie, Category 5 (Echoles); Mari Ohno, Floating sound; Christopher Chandler, a thing of dream and mist; Brona Martin, All Along the ...

History : SymbioticA : The University of Western Australia
History of SymbioticA at UWA

NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival April 2-6, music of Hubert Howe,...
Tonight begins the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival concerts will be presented between Tuesday and Saturday April Distinguished...
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