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BBC Mundo | Ciencia y Tecnología | Los más vulnerables al clima
Estudio identifica a países que sufrirán más por el efecto del cambio climático en la pesca. Perú y Colombia entre ellos.

Aquaculture on Rice Farms in the Philippines (Audio included) -...
Integrated agriculture acquaculture is seen as a solution to the decline in animal protein in some Asian and African Countries. We look at how farmers in the...

Aquaculture Forum Bremerhaven : Fischernährung und...
... Developing Countries: Experiences from Research and Cooperation in Africa and Asia Referent: Dr. Uwe Scholz & Dr. Mark Prein (Germany).

Food Provision: Oceans In Focus : Ocean Health › news › Food_Provi...
WorldFish/ photo by Mark Prein. Sorting fish in Malaysia. By 2050, the global population is projected to grow from 7 to 9 billion people.
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