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Mormon tycoon plans 1,000 heavens on Earth | World | The Times
When Nicole Antal rang him, he explained everything. On the edge of Sharon, her town of 1,350 residents, he planned to build a utopian metropolis for 20,000 people, based on plans that the founder of the Mormon Church had drawn up, in 1833, for a new Zion. He said that 150 engineers were working on ...

(Foto: Nicole Antal) | 16
(Foto: Nicole Antal)

Guardian: Building Zion: the controversial plan for a Mormon-inspired city in...

A Mormon businessman is buying up land to build master-planned towns from scratch, based on the church founder’s idea for a ‘plat of Zion’

Co-Chairs Lacey Moore, Nicole Antal - Ladue
Co-Chairs Lacey Moore, Nicole Antal. 8 of th Annual Celebrate Spot. Caption: Co-Chairs Lacey Moore, Nicole Antal Album ID: Photo ID: ...
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