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Spiritual quest led Paul Horn to his serene soundThe Globe and Mail
— When a plan to film the band fell through, Paul Horn travelled to Agra, where he played his flute within the echoing majesty of the Taj Mahal.

Guardian: Paul Horn obituary | JazzThe Guardian

— The jazz magazine DownBeat headlined its story "Paul Horn Quits US: Seeks Gentler Life" when, in 1970, the flautist settled with his family on — The 101 strangest records on Spotify: Paul Horn – Inside the Taj Mahal. An album that does what it says on the cover: a jazz flautist stood ...

Paul Horn dies at 84; Grammy winner was a pioneer of ...Los Angeles Times
— Paul Horn, a Grammy-winning alto saxophonist and flutist whose career reached from mainstream contemporary jazz to pioneering efforts in ...

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