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The Secret Lives of Planets by Paul Murdin review — outdoes › article › the-...
A science-meets-travel guide round the planets of our solar system is a good idea. But I did wonder if Paul Murdin's book could ever be as good ...

Planetary pleasure - Winnipeg Free Press

BBC World Service - Good Lookers, Paul Murdin
The astronomer discusses his career in this series about people who are good at looking

Als wir nach den Sternen griffen -
Die Geschichte der Astronomie gibt uns bis heute wunderbare Rätsel auf. Ein sensationell bebilderter Band des Astronomen Paul Murdin zeigt, wie unsere...

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Other News

Lost in space | New Scientist
Only wise investment will help Europe to reach the stars, says Paul Murdin

Stargazing across millennia in 'Universe: Exploring the Astronomical...
... even the psychological,” writes astronomer Paul Murdin, consulting editor, who discovered the first stellar black hole in our galaxy in
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