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Peter Karczewski 1 | National Scouting › scouting-news
Peter Karczewski 1. National Scouting Report is dedicated to finding scholarship opportunities for athletes who possess the talent, desire, and motivation to ...
NAME: Peter Karczewski. TOWN: Helmetta. PARTY AFFILIATION: Independent. OFFICE FOR WHICH YOU ARE A CANDIDATE: Borough ...

A new way to look into the brain | MDC Berlin
... Group, MDC researcher Marion Bimmler, and Peter Karczewski (E.R.D.E.-AAK-Diagnostik GmbH, a biotech company based in Berlin Buch).

Autoantibodies damage blood vessels in the brain -- important › news ›
... Molecular Medicine Berlin-Buch and Dr. Peter Karczewski of the biotech company E.R.D.E.-AAK-Diagnostik GmbH in studies on a rat model.
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