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Double strike from Rada’s lightning rod | Northern Star

Even the most inexperienced angler can enjoy a day out on our rivers and return with a feed, although sometimes even our big rods have a dry run.

Anglers who abandoned fish for shopping missed out ...www.seniorsnews.com.au › news › anglers-aband...

Rada Babic from Lightning Ridge, a regular visitor to this area, scored the biggest flathead kg - on a yabbie bait and also a bream of 810g ...

Unique species hooked as activity returns on Clarence ...www.northernstar.com.au › news › unique-specie...

Best weighed in was the 900 g catch by Rada Babic who has returned again from Lightning Ridge to the cooler area around Browns Rocks.

Double strike from Rada's lightning rod | Daily Examinerwww.dailyexaminer.com.au › news › double-stri...

Rada Babic, back from Lightning Ridge, is having a ball at Browns Rocks. As the result of a late weighin last week, he missed out on having the ...
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