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Love in Spinner's End part 1 by HalfbloodPrincess - HP Fanfic Archive
Her peers were glad to have no work, but Severine felt that there must have been something bothering him. Plus she was really excited about getting to the next ...

Wandelpunkt-Podcast: Elisabeth & Severine, Nowato - Transition › news › wandelpunkt-podcast-elisabeth-severine-n...
Ein Interview mit den französischen Schwestern Elisabeth und Severine Felt, Gründerinnen von Nowato haben sie ihre Berufe in der IT Branche an den ...

On the Pulse: Would you allow supermarket delivery staff access to › news › on-the-...
· Severine felt it would be an unnecessary service for her. “In my case, I do it on my own, that's not going to help me,” she said.
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Severine Felt
Vorname "Raymonde" (112)
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