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Syria conflict: Russia confirms first soldier death - BBC › news › world-europe
· In an interview with Reuters news agency at their home, Alexander and Svetlana Kostenko said their son Vadim had sounded cheerful over the ...

Mysterious Death of Young Soldier in Syria Causes Storm in › mysterious-death-young-soldi...
· "I will never believe this version," said schoolteacher Svetlana Kostenko, the soldier's mother, while wearing a black mourning head scarf.

Parents of Russian soldier serving in Syria say their son died there...
The parents of a 19-year-old Russian soldier serving in Syria said on Tuesday they had been informed that their son had hanged himself there, the country's...

Syyriassa kuolleen venäläissotilaan perhe ei usko itsemurhaan
Nuorukainen oli perheen mukaan ollut onnellinen ja iloinen.
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