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) Fury in Belgrade: Kosovo Launches New Army - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Kosovo unveiled its new army on Wednesday, which will operate under the supervision of NATO forces. Many of the new commanders are veterans of the insurgency...

Kosovo names first army chief of staff | TopNews
Kosovo names first army chief of staffPristina  - General Sylejman Selimi is to become the first chief of staff of the Kosovo army, according to a decree... Neuer Befehlshaber für Sicherheitskräfte - Kosovo › International › Europa › Kosovo

General Sylejman Selimi war einer der Gründer der UCK - Serbien bezeichnet künftige Armee als "absolut inakzeptabel"

BBC NEWS | Europe | Kosovo's security force launched
It is being overseen by Nato, which has 15,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo and will retain ultimate responsibility for security. "We're at the beginning of a new phase; this force has become a reality," said its commander, General Sylejman Selimi. But Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic called the force "an ...