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Tai Chi exercises offer anti-aging benefits at cellular level, study...

A literal fountain of youth may be the stuff of fantasy, but a virtual one, activated by Tai Chi, the traditional Chinese martial art and sport, may exist, a...

Tai chi v MMA: The 20-second fight that left China reeling - BBC News

How the solid defeat of a tai chi master set Chinese social media ablaze, and is bringing in the money.

The Story of Tai Chi (or Taijiquan) | University of Tennessee at...

The concept of Taijiquan (Pinyin) or Tai Chi Chuan (Wade-Giles) originated from ancient Chinese cosmology and philosophy. It first appeared in the writings ...

Can Tai Chi slow the aging process? | EurekAlert!

Evaluating the potential life-lengthening effect of Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese exercise, researchers conducted a year-long study comparing rejuvenating and...
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