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Ori director calls Cyberpunk & No Man’s Sky devs ‘snake oil salesmen’...
The head of Moon Studios has accused CD Projekt of working from the ‘Peter Molyneux handbook’ before quickly recanting.

"I think mo-cap is dumb": Moon Studios' Thomas Mahler on the art,... - Read more Timelessness is one of those treasured descriptives that every game aims for, but few manage to reach. Moon Studios' Thomas Mahler –...

Building Ori and the Will of the Wisps with 80 people working from...
Moon Studios' Thomas Mahler reveals the challenges and solutions to managing a distributed development team

Thomas Mahler: Ori war unser Mario, dies ist unser ZeldaXboxDynasty
— Thomas Mahler hat erste Informationen zum neuen Spiel von Moon Studios bekannt gegeben.