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"Take this lollipop" - Website. - General Chat - GTAForums
Alright, so I was on Facebook and I got a link to this

Let's Play DYOM! - Video Commentaries & Reviews - Page Mission...
Can someone review my missionsHitman For Hiring[1/2] Hitman For Hiring[2/2] Added on the list Edit : Hitman Mission

Build Up Your Gang Remix - Classic GTA SA - GTAForums
While I am sure many of you have seen these topics around, whether on GTAForums or otherwise, I am sure there are some of you who have no idea what this is....

Thoughts / Suggestions / Etc. - Help & Support - GTAForums
Please share your thoughts, ideas, etc. about the Designers Code of Honor. I would like to quote this from on of my posts: And no one said you couldn't propose...
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