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CNN - FBI: Cunanan made call to find passport - July 24, 1997
Philip said the FBI would very much like to chat with the owner of the houseboat, a German national identified as Torsten Reineck, to determine if he has any connection

CNN - Cunanan: more questions than answers - July 25, 1997
Fugitive German businessman Torsten Reineck was questioned by the FBI in Las Vegas, where Reineck owns a gay health spa. Authorities said he was being cooperative.

CNN - FBI: Cunanan may have used boat as base - July 24, 1997
German authorities said the owner of the houseboat, Torsten Reineck, is a fugitive wanted on fraud charges. Wed very much like to chat with him, Philip said of Reineck.

Tod des Verdächtigen im Mordfall Versace - WELT
Leiche nach Sturm auf Hausboot in Miami entdeckt

Cunanan ist tot - Panorama - Gesellschaft - Tagesspiegel
... das dem Deutschen Torsten Reineck gehört.Es liegt im "Indian Creek" nur vier Kilometer von der eleganten Villa in South Beach entfernt, ...

CNN - Cunanan died in another fugitive's houseboat - July 24, 1997
Records showed the houseboat, which had been vacant for several months, is owned by Torsten Reineck, who has lived both in Germany and the United States and owns the

UPI Focus: Police continue houseboat investigation - UPI Archives
Miami Beach police continue their search for evidence inside the two-story houseboat where Gianni Versace slaying suspect Andrew Cunanan took his own life. ...

Police keep the file open on Cunanan | HeraldScotland
Miami Beach, Monday

CBS Evening News for | Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Vanderbilt TV News Archive

UPI Focus: Police confirm Cunanan shot self in head - UPI Archives
Police said many details of his death would not be released until an investigation was complete. It was still unknown where Cunanan had spent most of his time between the Versace slaying and his suicide, or if there was a connection between the 27-year-old Cunanan and the owner of the house boat, Torsten Reineck.

Cunanan Discoverer Gets Reward - E! Online
Florida officials and the FBI give Fernando Carreira $45,000

European Business News (EBN),
Meanwhile, a German prosecutor said his office was considering filing new fraud charges against the businessman, Torsten Reineck.

Houseboat owner runs gay club near Vegas Strip
Associated Press historical news archive articles dating back to 1985

Torsten Reineck, wanted in Germany on tax evasion and fraud charges, was arrested when he arrived in Frankfurt late Monday. He had been ...