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What's Going On In Luxembourg - Absence of Loss Relief Rules...

Hans Ulrich Lakebrink and Kotrin Peters-Lakebrink. The case concerns the taxation of non-resident taxpayers who derive the majority of their ...

EC Law and the Sovereignty of the Member States in Direct Taxation -...

Germany, Case C-3l8/05, E.C.R , p. I ECJ, 18 July 2007, Etat du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg v. Hans Ulrich Lakebrink, Case C , E. CR.

The Acte Clair in EC Direct Tax Law - Google Books

... Case C (Grand-duché de Luxembourg v Hans Ulrich Lakebrink and Katrin Peters-Lakebrink); 11 October 2007, C (Elisa); 6 November 2007, Case C (SWE, Stahlwerk Ergste Westig GmbH v Finanzamt Dusseldorf- Mettmann) [order]; 8 November 2007, Case C (Amurta S.G.P.S. v Inspecteur ...