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Lieferung auf Abruf: Neue Form der Zellkommunikation im Gehirn...

Carsten Frühbeis, Dominik Fröhlich, Wen Ping Kuo et al. Neurotransmitter-Triggered Transfer of Exosomes Mediates Oligodendrocyte-Neuron Communication PLoS Biology, 9.

Vesicles influence the function of nerve cells - Mittelstand Cafe

Luhmann at the Institute of Physiology at the Mainz University Medical Center and bioinformaticians from the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz. Publication: Dominik Fröhlich, Wen Ping Kuo, Carsten Frühbeis et al. Multifaceted effects of ...

New mode of cellular communication discovered in the brainmedicalxpress.com › Neuroscience

· In their study, Carsten Frühbeis, Dominik Fröhlich, and Wen Ping Kuo of the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology at Johannes Gutenberg ...