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Al Pacino enjoys the Scent of an Egyptian Woman: Yasmin Abdel Aziz! |...

The two were spotted in the US together.

Australian Yasmin Abdel Magied | Jafria News

Jafria Community's Voice

Yasmin Abdel Aziz with the Marines | Al Bawaba

Egyptian producer Muhammad Al Najar nominated actors Yasmin Abdel Aziz and Khaled Abu Al Naja to be leading stars in the new film Marines

Youth leadership Workshop by Yasmin Abdel Magied - Ahfad ...www.ahfad.edu.sd › news-1 ›

On the 21st of November AUW had lecture on "Youth leadership, gender equality, faith and culture" by Ms. Yasmin Abdel Magied, a Sudanese/Australian youth ...
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