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The Blame Game

[Newsline (blog)] Nawab Nauroz Khan, and six of his colleagues. After serving as chairman BSO twice, Jalib went to Afghanistan when General Zia-ul-Haq captured power

Navy, air force continue relief efforts

[The Express Tribune] phone from Lahore that thousands of volunteers are taking part in the operation. (ONLINE with additional reporting by Zia Khan) By Online 13 hours ago.

Zardari sets off on trip despite opposition

[The Express Tribune] - In Lahore, Federal Law Minister Babar Awan said the president's visit was inevitable to “remove misunderstanding” between the two countries. By Zia Khan 13

Death toll more than 800: Mian Iftikhar

[The Express Tribune] - (With additional input from Shahzad Baloch, Zia Khan, Roshan Mughal, Shabbir Mir and Hafeez Tunio) By Iftikhar Firdous/ Express 2 hours ago.
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