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Novel Behaviour | London Evening Standard

Eva Rice, author of Standing Room Only and Butterfly Sting (Picture: Dave B

Londres par hasard de Eva Rice - Les bouquins de l’été

Londres par hasard de Eva Rice au Livre de Poche Christine Calmeau vous propose sa sélection de bouquins qui accompagneront vos vacances. Tout l'été sur Bel...

Book review: The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp by Eva Rice | Books |...

THIS novel from the author of bestseller The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets, and daughter of lyricist Sir Tim, aims to conjure up the very earliest days of the...

'Dad (Sir Tim Rice) picks me up on anything I’ve got wrong’

Eva Rice, daughter of lyricist Sir Tim Rice, talks about her new novel and very unconventional childhood
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