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Gray Fox (* ca ; † Ende Februar auf Shadow Moses Island), richtiger Name Frank Jaeger, war ein berühmter Söldner und Mitglied von FOXHOUND. Gray Fox (wirklicher Name Frank Jaeger) war der treueste Leutnant des Big Boss und das einzige Mitglied der Einheit FOXHOUND, welches den Codenamen…

Engineer Builds a Magnificent Motorized Gray Fox Helmet -
Diego Valdes (aka Diegator) is a Seattle-based cosplayer and engineer, who recently spent the last seven months building an animatronic Gray Fox helmet from the the classic video game Metal Gear…

Gecco Shows Unfinished Prototype For Gray Fox Statue - Game Informer
The statue comes with an interchangeable sword, gun arm, and helmet that shows his face.

Gray Fox Likely Culprit In Vicious Natick Attacks – CBS Boston
Environmental Police say a gray fox attacked two women Saturday evening in a Natick residential area.
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