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Zu Malzer gibt es bei Yasni 164 unterschiedliche Namen. Die häufigsten Vornamen zu Malzer sind: Boris, Christoph, Franz

Malzer ist in der Rangreihe der häufigsten Nachnamen bei Yasni auf Platz 2267.

Bedeutung von "Malzer"

Malzer's are very inteligent-stong and have huge hearts but do not ever cross them for they will never forget- except with thier families. We alll are very good workers and love to be loved and that is what we love is our friends and familes even though we may not be so tight as we see in others but we are honest ---brutely and get hurt when others aren't with others. but Malzers name is a big honor to have and to up hold all the german tradiditions we grew up with our fore fothers which will always be the head of our homes until death. I love my Malzer's and wish I could meet others. I will well to all of you and wish you only the best and now I know we are never alone for their is more of us then I knew. I thought we were the only ones here in the states. Love and God Bless each of you my extended family.

(Eingesendet von Deborah Jo Malzer (Debi Jo))

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