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The Sociology of Clothing: Suffragettes - Dexter District Library
· ... costume history scholar, and Professor of Costume Design at Eastern Michigan University, Melanie Schuessler Bond as she discusses the ...

Dressing the Scottish Court,
Analysis of accounts disbursed by the royal treasury, alongside text and translation in excerpt, provides richly detailed information on clothing at the time.

Mainfrankentriathlon | Abteilung Schwimmen
Heiß war es - aber dennoch erfolgreichDie Schwimmstrecke war bei den herrschenden tropischen Temperaturen beim diesjährigen Mainfrankentriathlon eindeutig der...

Michigan Shakespeare Festival: A ‘Pygmalion’ Masterpiece – CBS Detroit
The result of the passionate acting and fine direction is the presentation of a classic work free of any cobwebs, one whose story offers as much to ponder now...
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