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Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane review — a pleasantly accessible...
Ask Again, Yes, which recently made the New York Times bestseller list, starts in the 1970s and spans four decades in the lives of two Irish-American families...

Ask Again, Yes review : Reviewed: Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane
In Mary Beth Keane's illuminating novel, the lives of two generations unfold effortlessly, revealing family triumphs and struggles in a poignant exploration...

Paperback review: Fever, By Mary Beth Keane | The Independent
Keane’s historical novel is based on the life of “Typhoid Mary”, a young Irish female servant who was probably mistakenly blamed for New York’s typhoid...

Mary Beth Keane | Anderson's Bookshop
Mallon began working as a cook in New York in 1884, but this teen, who later is labeled Typhoid Mary, becomes the center of an epidemic. Fever is Mary Beth Keane's fascinating historical fiction novel, and one not to be missed.
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