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Moose attacks Iditarod sled team, injures 4 dogs
Feb 9, — A huge bull moose attacked Bridgett Watkins' dog team during a ... She had to withdraw from the race, but later won four Iditarod races. › › moose-attacks-iditar...

Michigan musher among 6 Iditarod teams knocked out by injuries,...
The Michigan musher activated his emergency beacon because of the storm and a leg injury. A passerby on a snowmobile helped get him to safety.

Four dogs injured as moose attacks sled team -
A large bull moose spent more than an hour trampling on a sled dog team in the wilds of Alaska.

Moose tramples and crushes Iditarod dogsled team in Alaska
Feb 8, — In a Facebook post, Bridgett Watkins shared her experience of the day a moose charged at her and her dogs while she was training them ... › World › Americas
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