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Interview with Burak Canboy, CEO of WinRAR | Hacker Newsnews.ycombinator.com › item

Interview with Burak Canboy, CEO of WinRAR (split-techcity.com). 3 points by abhiTronix on Feb 4, | hide | past | favorite ...

Interview with Burak Canboy, CEO of WinRAR – Split Tech Citynews.knowledia.com › articles › interview-with-bura...

— That makes a total education of 17 years. Following banking I worked part-time in a company that was consulting banks on IT projects and then I ...

Croatia Basketball Tops Puerto Rico in Friendly - prvrnews.comprvrnews.com › croatia-basketball-tops-puerto-rico-i...

— Burak Canboy. Though Puerto Rico is behind Slovenia by way of high quality, Croatia is actually bettering. And on the proper time.

Sozialdemokraten: „Viele Menschen wissen nicht, was die SPD macht“www.welt.de › Politik › Deutschland

— Burak Canboy, 44, Unternehmer, SPD Bremen. Meine erste Erinnerung an die SPD sind die Wahlkämpfe für Gerhard Schröder.
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