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Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett gives limited edition guitar to...
A MUSICIAN who was left devastated by the theft of his limited edition guitar has had it replaced by one of the world’s biggest rock stars who helped design...

News: Aktuelles zum Komm na Huus Seite: 2
April Paladium, Köln Marteria - an dem Namen kommt aktuell kaum ... And The Gimme Gimmes, aka: Spike Slawson, Joey Cape, Chris Shiflett, Fat Mike ...

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett on why he couldn't do The Voice...
Chris Shiflett tours the world with the Foo Fighters, publishes a weekly music podcast Walking The Floor and has just released his third solo album West Coast...

New country rock from Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett - ABC
Chris Shiflett, lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters, loves country — and his new album is inspired by his heroes.
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